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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Aussie Hair Care and routine.......


So after a few weeks of using the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in conditioner. Which I blogged about a few weeks ago. The ends of my hair have definitley improved! I absolutley love this product and I have been converted to Aussie and will not be turning back! It smells gorgeous and leaves my hair really shiny!
I went shopping yesterday and went into Superdrug, where I was very pleased to see Aussie was on buy one get one free! Yaay!! :) So I picked up the 3 minute miracle (Luscious Long) Deep Treatment for long hair begging for a treat! and the Take the heat, leave in cream! For heat damaged hair.
I am really looking forward to using these products after the results I got from the leave in conditioner.
Because these were buy one get one free, I didn't actually look at the prices (which is one of my worst habits!) But one of them was £4.99.  I will be going back and buying more from this range. One of the best things about these products is that they all smell amazing! I have used an Aussie shampoo and conditioner, but I'm not sure which they were because I was borrowing my sisters, but they seemed to leave my hair quite greasy and didn't really rinse out very well, but bear in my mind my sister has curly hair, so they would have been completely wrong for my hair type! So if you have found a really good shampoo and conditioner can you please, please, please tell me which one? I have very long, thick hair, which gets greasy on top with dry ends! So I would love to hear back from any of you, that have managed to find the perfect product. Also I am looking to get one of the Aussie hair sprays! I still haven't managed to find my perfect hair spray and this saddens me because I love to have BIG hair which without hairspray isn't going to stay big for very long :(

I have tried quite a few hair sprays from, Tresemme 24 hour body, Paul Smith Xtravagant. Which smells like coconut and it's great for summer to make your hair smell nice, but not good at keeping your hair in place. John Freida, Luxurious volume which smells pretty weird and leaves your hair sticky and isn't that cheap either! The list is endless and they were just to name a few.
So if any of you have used the Aussie hairspray then let me know what you think please. I'm going to go and get one next weekend so would like a few opinions first. I've checked YouTube, but didn't really find that many reviews about it.

After using the heat protector and the 3 minute miracle for a few weeks, I will let you know how they all left my hair.

So when it comes to my hair routine, I will probably have a few expert just wanting shake me, because of the things I do :( But hey ho, these things need to be done!

I wash my hair about 6-7days a week. So yes that's practically everyday! Also if I've been to work and I'm going out in the evening, I will wash it again, just to get rid of the smell of office and being at work all day.

I only ever shampoo my scalp, I never wash the length of my hair because it can cause them to dry out and split, so I wet my hair with warm water then after shampooing my scalp and rinsing it all out, I then squeeze as much excess water out as possible and then put a generous amount of conditioner through the length of my hair and leave it on while I wash my face, just so the conditioner can get into my hair better. Then I rinse of the conditioner with just cold water! It isn't something that I really enjoy about it does close the hair cuticle and locks in the conditioner, also it leaves your hair super shiny! I never wash my hair in the shower or bath either. I don't agree with washing it in the bath because I personally don't feel like you can rinse all the product out properly, especially if you've got bubble bath and what not in the water. Washing your hair in the shower is fine, but I always feels like my hair goes flat, when I've done it. So I always wash my hair over the bath.

So after all that, I will spray in my leave in conditioner and comb it through, with a wide toothed comb and wrap it back up in my towel, while I do make up and all that stuff. I put the leave in conditioner in when I do because I think it has more time to work into your hair. But I'm sure it's just personal preference :)

Then I dry my hair upside until it's completely dry and smooth in VO5 smooth n sleek, heat protect serum and then I straighten it. And yes I do this every day!!!! Except on days when I'm not going out, so normally on a Sunday I will, wash my hair and put on a hair mask or some sort of treatment and leave it in for about 30mins to an hour, rinse off with cold water, spray in loads of leave in conditioner and put it all up, so I don't use any heat on it at all.

The hair dryer I use is the Mark Hill, Zebra print one from Boots and I also use the Mark Hill, Pink leopard print straighteners, also from Boots. Which I don't think they do in pink any more :( But the hair dryer is THE best hair dryer I have ever used! It;s not too heavy, it dries my hair so quickly and it's really powerful. It's also great for drying nail varnish too :)

If you have any hair tips please let me know :)

Thank you for reading, I'm now off to try out the 3 minute miracle :)!!!



  1. Hey :-)
    I have chosen you to win the versatile blog award...

    P.s, i love Aussie hair products!

    Holli x

  2. that hair dryer is super cute :)