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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

When life gives you a lemon....


I thought I would blog about my skin today. If you read my blog regularly, you will understand how much me and skin have shared a mutual hatred for each other since puberty first kicked in!

So after trawling Google for what seemed like a year, I have finally found some miracle cures! And I am soooo happy with the results! So if you struggle with your skin, hopefully you will benefit from the following points :)
Now I must warn you, I think I may have been a hippy  in a past life because I do believe in herbal supplements and eating you're way to healthiness, instead of just popping some pills and filling your body with crap. So if you think that's a load of rubbish, then you probably won't want to read on lol!

Firstly, everyone goes on about how much water you should drink a day and that's not always easy. When you're at work or school, you can't keep running to the loo every 5 minutes! But trust me...STICK WITH IT! Not only does it help, fight wrinkles, it plumps out your skin, helps fight dark circles and gives you sparkling eyes :)
I went through a phase of drinking Green Tea all the time to help my skin, but to be completely honest I didn't notice a single change :( So now I just have one or two cups a day, mainly for it's anti-oxidant benefits. But the best thing I have found to replace it is hot water with lemon juice! It is literally my new saviour! I can not believe how quickly my skin has cleared up! The benefits of drinking lemon water are amazing! Not only does lemon work as a natural antiseptic, it helps prevent disease and assists of cleansing your system from impurities.

Some of the things that lemons can help treat are things such as; sore throat, cough, colds and chapped lips, indigestion  heartburn and even bloating!

 Now after three years of studying anatomy and physiology I have learnt a few things. One of these is that your body prefers to be Alkaline and even though lemons are pretty acidic they're alkalising once they are in your system, so the more alkaline your body is the healthier you will look and feel :)
If you like to go out and drink at the weekend, then you can also benefit from drinking lemon water because it helps detox your liver and helps with nausea. So it's a pretty good hangover cure! (Especially now party season is upon us!!) Even if you haven't been drinking it is still important to flush your body from yucky toxins, which always shows first in your skin!
Another thing which I didn't expect to hear about lemon water, is that it's quite good for your teeth! I thought because it was acidic, it might be bad for the enamel on your teeth, but it actually helps build healthy bones and teeth because they contain 29.9% calcium!

I need to move on to the next thing that's great for your skin before I bore you to death with lemon talk! And that is Acai Berry Juice, I buy it from Holland & Barrett for about £2.50 for a big carton and it tastes lovely!!
It also one of the healthiest things you can have! It helps the collagen in your skin, so keeps you looking younger for longer, which is always a good thing!  It basically contains everything! As you can see below;

In addition to having potassium, fiber, calcium, phosphorus and proteins you need to keep your body going, Acai also contains Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B3 and fatty acids Omega-9 and Omega-6 to help improve your cholesterol. It is called a superfood because you could get almost all your day’s nutritional needs from this one fruit. Not only that, but Acai research has shown the fruit to have the most antioxidants of any fruits or vegetables, protecting you from damaging free radicals roaming the atmosphere.
These little berries also, fight cancer! helps you heart function and helps with your circulation :)
So I would definitely recommend you including these into your diet, to keep you looking young and beautiful. 

When it comes to washing my face, my holy grail face wash has got to be, Neutrogena 2in1 face wash and mask! I think it smells really nice, but that might just be me being weird, but if you start to get a little breakout or you're a bit more oily then usual then you really should try this face wash, just leave it on for about 5 mins and then rinse off and then put a very cold flannel over your face to help close your pores, slap on a bit of moisturiser and get a good nights sleep and the redness and size of the blemishes or spots would have been reduced :) You can get this for about £3-£4 from Boots or Superdrug. I usually use this face wash when I get in from work and take all of my face off. Then in the morning I use another Neutrogena face wash and that's the daily pink grapefruit wash. It smells absolutely AMAZING! And I love the colour! I also use the Pink Grapefruit, visibly clear, facial scrub once or twice a week. I think it's quite a good scrub, if you have quite sensitive skin because the little beady bits are quite small and soft, when it's in your hand it doesn't seem like it's going to be any good at removing dead skin or dry bits, but it's actually really good and leaves your skin sooooo soft. 

So you'll be pleased to know I am on my last skin improving product and that has got to be Evening Primose Oil Capsules! Evening Primose is known to help reduce acne and flare ups. It also helps reduce redness and rejuvenates your skin. I take 2 a day with a glass of Acai berry juice. I have also noticed that since taking these capsules my hair has got a lot thicker and falls out less when I wash it. (Not that you would really notice any hair loss, with the amount of hair that i've got! Even cousin It would be jealous!! Lol) I have noticed any side effects of taking these capsules, but if any crop I will be sure to let you lovely ladies know! :)

So hopefully, if you decide to include even one of the above things, you will benefit from it. Overall, my skin appears tighter, smoother, softer, less red and my pores have shrunk!!...Finally!!! :)

If you have any other skin tips please let me know and remember if you would like to know anything just ask :)

Thanks For Reading xxxxxxx


  1. I definitely agree about drinking more water, I started to and after a few weeks noticed my skin looked much healthier! I really want to try that 2 in 1 mask! x

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