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Monday, 24 October 2011

Kim Kardashian........

Now, I am one of the biggest Kardashian fans....EVER!....I love all of them. Khloe for her personality, Kourtney for her wardrobe and Kim for her make up!!! And to be completely honest! I would pay to have one of her certain assets lol!!!! So to show my appreciation I dedicate this post to them. So if you want a bit of Armenian style then read on;

I'm going to start with Kim Kardashians very impressive pout!! It can be yours to thanks to MAC and NARS!!

Kim is a big fan of Angel by MAC it's a creamy, soft pink shade and looks amazing for day time and evening. It will cost you £13.50 and is definitely worth purchasing as suits most skin tones.
The lipsticks from MAC are quite moisturising, so make sure to only use a little bit of lip balm, if you use too much then you could start to look a bit gloopy! The next product you will need to achieve this stunning pout is MACS lip pencil in stripdown. Again it's quite a neutral shade which is best for creating a fuller pout. These lip liners from MAC have a smooth, creamy texture and blend really well. They also contain Vitamin E  which according to MAC acts as an anti-oxidant, so this is great for moisturising your lips. Wearing a lip liner will not only help define your mouth and can help make your lips look bigger, but is also great in preventing your lipstick from bleeding. This lip liner will cost you £10.50.
Now the final product you will need for perfect, kissable lips is Turkish Delight Lip gloss by NARS. Like the other two products, it's a great neutral colour, so can be worn by most people, and looks great for any occasion  any time of the day. It is slightly more expensive then MAC, but  an A-List pout isn't going to come cheap! This lip gloss will cost you £17.50. It's a very creamy formula and looks great on its own too! So for all three products you're looking at £41.50, which may seem pricey, but considering as Christmas is coming why not add them to your list :) Another great excuse to treat yourself is that it is the party season, so no doubt you'll be putting these products to good use! Below is a picture of Kim applying some of these products. You can watch the make up tutorial she did using these products on YouTube.

Kim applying Turkish Delight

Now on to the next Kardashian look, i'm going to talk about Kourtney. I think this woman has the best wardrobe on the planet! Some things I see her wear and think only she could pull it off. But her outfits are always put together really well and are always colour co-ordinated, which is a big obsession of mine! Even when she was pregnant she managed to look absolutely flawless and dressed amazing!
This outfit is one of my Favorited looks for autumn and I think would be great for lunch with friends or shopping. I love everything from the denim shirt to the tassled boots! Denim shirts are normally best to buy in

the mens section because then they won't be as fitted around the wait, which would be best to achieve this look. I have had a good look around for denim shirts similar to this one and these are the best ones I've managed to find.
This one is from River Island (Mens section) The colour isn't that great of a match, but I think teamed with the rest of the outfit it would look just as great!
River Island £32.99
You can pick this up for £32.99. I would recommend purchasing this from the shop and not online, just to make sure it fits right. Now the next shirt is quite a bit darker and also from River Island! (What a surprise lol) and this will cost you £35.00.
This one does have brown stitching and brown buttons. You can also wear the sleeved rolled up or down. The best thing about denim is that it suits EVERYONE! And it lasts forever, so you can afford to splash out a bit more. If you just want a cheap dupe, then I would 100% recommend Primark, there denim shirts are not only cheap, but made pretty
River Island £35.00
well. Again you will find the best ones in the men section. Some come with hoods, but they are easily removed. Sometimes it's best to customise your own clothes. At least that way you know that no one else will have it :) I personally think the hooded denim shirts look really nice for a casual look and this one is one of the nicest I've seen. Now this is also from River Island (I swear I'm not sponsored by them lol) and it's been reduced from £40.00 to £30.00.
River Island £30.00
The next thing you will need to achieve this look this is white vest. You can pick these up everywhere!!
New Look, River Island, Miss Selfridge, Primark, Zara and H&M.
Basically anywhere that sells clothes lol You will also need this slightly baggy, so again you mgiht want to get in a size bigger. It won't matter if the arm holes are too baggy and hang too low because it will be covered by the shirt :) You will need leggings! Again anywhere that sells clothes will have leggings!! However, I wouldn't recommend Primark as I have bought lkeggings from here before and they lasted about 3 washes before they jsut started to fall apart! Not only were they practically see through! The elastic started to show through and they got holes in really quickly! The leggings i've bught were from Topshop for £12.00 and they are quite thick and have lasted forever!! :)
Finally to complete this look, you will need flat, black boots! I think plain black Ugg boots would look just as good, but I do adore the tassled ones! But I can't find any even similar! :( So if you manage to see any please let me know!...Thanks :)


Now last but not least...My favourite Kardashian.....Khloe!!!! :) Yaaay!!! I am absolutely addicted to watching Khloe & Lamar, they are literally THE Best celebrity couple! They get on so well and are really funny together. As strange as this sounds, it was watching this programme that I noticed Khloe's nails! I was probable drawn to it because you can't help but miss the whopping engagement ring!!! (Lucky)
It was noticing this I saw the nicest colour nail varnish! It was a pastel lilac shade and looks so nice with any outfit! The best dupe for this colour has got to be Barry M, Berry Ice Cream! It's a huge faviroute of mine and can wear it for weeks on end, with out getting bored!
Berry Ice Cream
It last ages and doesn't chip! Which is amazing to me, as I normally manage to chip my nails within about an hour of it being on! It dries really quickly and if you apply just 1 layer of clear top coat it,goes so glossy! You can buy this nail varnsih from Boot or Superdrug for £2.99. If you find your nail varnish is starting to go a bit gloopy, try keeping it in the fridge or adding a very small drop of nail varnish remover and giving it a good shake and then it should be as good as new!the Krdashains also have their own O.P.I nail varnish range called Kardashian Kolors and there are 14 different shades to choose from :) So there is definitely a shade for everyone from dark, bright to pale and some amazing sparkly ones for the party season!

I hope you enjoyed this post and again if you would like me to do a product review or any celebrity inspired looks or tags, then let me know and I will do my best to get it up as quickly as possible :)

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