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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Mini Haul.....

So today i went on a mini shopping trip with my mum and I thought I would do a mini haul on what I got;

The first thing I bought was this nail varnish from Models Own in Purple Grey. I think it's such a good colour now autumn is here because it's easier to get away with darker colours. You can get these in Boots and River Island. I picked this one up in Boots for £5. I'm not completely impressed because as soon as I had my bath it had chipped :( so for £5 I would expect it to last longer, especially as you can get Barry M for £2.99 and it seems to last a lot longer!

The second thing I picked up was this cardigan from River Island for £40.00. It's not too thick, but it's still thick enough to keep you warm. I'm not really sure how to describe the pattern, but it's sort of an Aztec/native American print. I've only seen it in black and white so far. And it's really comfy :) Normally I buy cardigans and jumpers in bigger sizes so they're more cozy, but this I got in an 8 because it was a great fit and it isnt completely fitted.



The last thing I bought was some shampoo & conditioner from Superdrug. They're in Tee Tree and Peppermint. They smell amazing! :) The only way I can describe the smell is minty, aftershave lol. I know that sounds really strange, but once you smell them I'm sure you'll understand! They're normally £0.99p each for a 300ml shampoo and a 250ml conditioner. They are currently on offer for £1.75 for both.

The description on the back says;
"Let nature do the work with Superdrug Tea tree & Peppermint conditioner/Shampoo for normal hair. Richly formulated with natural extracts  of anti-bacterial tea tree and invigorating peppermint to enhance your natural shine and gently removes everyday residue. Leaves your hair feeling clean, soft and shiny, helps promote a healthy scalp."

I will do a review on these on there own once I start using them for about a week, but I need to finish off the last lost of shampoo and conditioner that I'm getting through which is also tea tree and peppermint, but by Alberto Balsam and I love this product at the minute! They're also £0.99p each and they smell lovely :)
I also picked up a few chrsitmas presents today, but they're not really exciting :)


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  1. Love your new cardigan, great print and it looks nice and cosy for winter! x