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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Whilst I'm in the blogging mood, I thought why not not do another blog today. I cleared my wardrobe out the other week and went through my shoe collection, so I thought I would do a shoe collection post about just my favorite ones, it would take far too long to go through all of them. I have left the boots out because it would take far too long setting them up so I might do them separate. But the first pair of shoes are these, pink, suede court shoes from River Island, they were roughly £50.00

The next pair of shoes are these light grey, suede court shoes with a platform and silver, zip detail. They were about £30.00 from Dorothy Perkins and I really wish I had bought them in black and gold  as well because they are sooooo comfortable!! :(

These ones are also suede. A light peach colour with a gold snake skin detail heel, bow and platform. I bought these in the sale for £17.50 from Jane Norman to wear to my friends wedding. I haven't worn them since, but i love looking at them, they're so pretty lol!!!

Lastly my favorite shoes from my collection have got to be these black, suede cross over peep toes with a black, patent heel from Guess. They were £90.00 but I also got these in the sale as well for £69.00. I am so lucky I'm only a size 3 because I always get some amazing deal when the sales are on :)

I think that will be enough blogs for today lol, but look out for a blog about hosting a romantic-Halloween dinner for you and your boyfriend with creepy cakes and spooky Spaghetti, or for a dinner party with friends! What better way to escape the Trick or Treaters!! :)



  1. I love the first pair, gorgeous xx

  2. Thank you :) Thry're not the most comfortable though, so have only ever been worn once :( xx

  3. Gorgeous shoes! I really like the peach ones from Jane Norman, total bargain too! x

  4. love the grey shoes from dorothy perkins!
    Holli x

  5. cute shoes & cute tattoo!

    Im a size three too <3 following your blog cos it looks fun. Im a newbie in this blogging world too so hop on over & check mine out too x

  6. Thank you all for your comments :) hopefully they'll be other stuff on here to keep you interested later on :)

    I will check out and follow all of your blogs too, if I already don't to show my apppreciation. :)