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Saturday, 8 October 2011

MAC & NARS Review......


So today I thought I would do a MAC & NARS review because I have recently become a bit of a MAC & NARS junkie!!! My favourite products are; MAC Creemsheen lipstick, MAC Fix + Spray, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and NARS Loose Powder.

The first Creemsheen Lipstick I bought was Creme Cup after seeing so many reviews on Youtube I couldn't help myself! And I'm so happy I bought this!!! I love nude & pink colours and this is the perfect natural shade, that would suit most skin tones. It goes on quite easily and leaves a nice moisturising finish. It also smells quite sweet which is nice because some lipsticks have a nasty, cheap smell to them. You can pick this up for £13.50 :)

The MAC Fix + Spray is the best product ever invented!!! It is absolutely amazing. You spray it on after you've finished your make up application and it leaves a flawless, dewy finish to your skin and makes your make up last all day! I put it on at about 10.00am before I went shopping and my make up looked like it had still just been applied at 8.00pm. If you wear powder, blush or bronzer it has such an amazing effect where it makes it look like you're not wearing any powder and leaves your face looking so much better without leaving you looking powdery or cakey. 
It's full of vitamin and minerals along with green tea, chamomile, cucumber and MAC says it has a fresh scent of sugi. I have to be honest i didnt have clue what this was, so I went to good old Google and the only definition I could find was a Japanese tree! I'm honest it doesn't really smell of anything? It's just like water. Unfortunately it only comes in a 30ml bottle now which is a shame, but it's only £7.00 and definitely worth purchasing! :)

The third product is MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. It smells a little bit like the poster paints you used to get in little school lol, which does make it feel like you're about to paint your face! :) I really struggle with my skin and have plenty of things I would like to cover up and this foundation is perfect! It has brilliant coverage and you don't need to use a lot of product. Which is always good. I also have very oily skin! And this foundation lasted all day and didn't seem to melt off my face by lunchtime like other products do. It also has a matte finish which good for oily skin. Especially as it is an oil free product as well. This product has an SPF 15 which is always recommended to fight against ageing, lasts for up to eight hours and applies smoothly and applies best with a stipling brush it builds coverage quickly and easily. It also contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections. It absorbs and disperses oil and contains special skin-conditioning ingredients. I get this in NC20 which is my best match when I havent been tanning, but I would prob get NC25 if I have been. For a 30ml bottle it will cost you £19.50.

The last product I am going to be reviewing is the NARS loose powder. This is also a must have product! Because I wear NC20 in MAC the best colour to get was Flesh. I was on Youtube and was watching how to get flawless skin by MakeupGeek and she used this product along with the MAC Fix + Spray to achieve an amazing finish to her skin. It's quite a messy product, but must loose powders are. It was quite pricey, but the amount you get it will last you forever!!!! It came with a powder puff and a sample size bottle of NARS eye make up remover (which i still havent used). I was quite excited to receive that as it was never mentioned when I ordered it :) This powder keeps your face matte ALL day!!! Like I said earlier I suffer from oily skin and this product worked perfectly for me! It also helps minimize pores and leaves you with a smooth, flawless finish and it's also enriched with vitamin E. It will cost you £26.50 which isnt cheap, but I promise you, it will literally last you FOREVER!!! :)

Because the majority of these products are quite pricey, I normally treat myself at the end of each month if I manage to have any of my wages left lol. I also only ever use them on special occassions such as birthdays, dates with my boyfriend and nights out with the girls. Which means they last me ages. I hope you enjoyed these reviews and if you have any questions or would like me to review a certain product please just leave a comment below and I will get back to you :)


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